Dulux AcraTex 962 Roof Membrane system has been designed specifically for the roof restoration process. 962 Roof Membrane system is applied by Sydney Gutter and Roof Restoration onto concrete, metal, and terracotta roofs.

What determines a good job?

How many times have you heard that preparation is the key? This is paramount in Roof Restoration, combined with the application of the 962 Roof Membrane system by an experienced registered applicator.

How long will Restoration take?

This should take on average two days, one day for cleaning, rebedding and pointing, and one day for sealer and coating. Of course this is subject to weather conditions and the size of the roof.

What is the difference between Roof Membrane and paint?

962 Roof Membrane system is a high build elastomeric or flexible coating, designed specifically for Roof Restoration. Unlike generic paint which produces a lower film thickness, offering less protection against the elements.

Why use the Dulux 962 Roof Membrane system?
  • Provide maximum protection for your roof, in terms of crack bridging, weather resistance and maintain a long lasting lustre.
  • Ten year material warranty from Dulux AcraTex.
  • A neutral product that is rainwater safe.
What is the 962 Roof Membrane coating system, and why use it?

It is vital that the 962 Roof Membrane system is used, this system will ensure a long lasting premium finish. A typical coating system for concrete tiles includes:

  • Prep Kleen: Is applied after pressure cleaning. Particular attention is paid to the lip of the tile, as this area is not washed by rain and is a trap for collection of debris. Prep Kleen is a low toxicity bacterial fungal and algal wash. Prep Kleen is formulated to treat fungal spore growth before over-coating.
  • Roof Sealer: Is a product that is formulated to consolidate and encapsulate the surface layer of the tile, as well as aid inter-coat adhesion with 962 Roof Membrane.
  • 962 Roof Membrane system: Must be applied as a two coat application creating a thick glossy protective membrane.
Why is Roof Membrane glossy?
  • Firstly to duplicate the look of a new roof
  • Also aids in the prevention of dirt accumulation
  • 962 Roof Membrane is formulated with gloss reducing fillers, ensuring the best quality membrane finish.
What colours are available?

There are sixteen stock colours in the 962 Roof Membrane range. These popular colours reflect the present day roofing trends. Colours can be customised, but are restricted, due to water collection formulation, as well as minimum production requirements.

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