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Leaf-screening is a fantastic option for people who live in high foliage areas. It is a must for anyone tired of leaves invading their gutters, and will save you money by reducing maintenance

There are a number of reasons to make sure you have a leaf screener installed on your roof- nothing beats this fantastic form of gutter protection

It's such a simple idea- some mesh that covers part of the tiles, and all of the gutter-opening, to stop leaves and muck clogging up the gutters... however basic it is in its design, there is nothing better than it for reducing blocked down-pipes, over-filled and leaky gutters.

The best- and most obvious reason- for installing leafscreener is that when your gutters are blocked they are not going to perform at their best. When an inevitable downpour comes, all those leaves are going to restrict your gutter's flow, causing your down-pipe to become restricted, not drain properly and- if it gets too bad- the whole length of gutter could weigh so much that it literally rips away from the house.

Screener material is available in UPVC, which is durable, hard-wearing and rust proof. It also comes in aluminium which is ideal in high fire-risk areas. The screen also deters small animals (such as mice, rats and possums) from entering your house near the eves.

When installed properly, leaf screening also looks very smart and tidy. It almost adds the finishing touches to a tiled or colourbond roof and is available in a range of colours to best 'match' the existing work.

How can I find out more about getting a leaf-screener installed? Simply call Sydney Gutter & Roof Restoration for an obligation-free quote, or use the handy 'Quick Quote' tool on the right-side of this page.

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