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Roofs don't last forever; but you don't always need to 'replace' your roof- or even completely restore it- if it is damaged. 

Sometimes an intermediatley aged roof will simply require a little TLC- you may have heard of 'bedding' and 'pointing'? Well, this is one measure you may be able to take that could save you spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new roof.

The easiest way to explain 'bedding' and 'pointing' is this- you know that point where one side of the house meets the other? That seam is called a 'ridge'. Obviously you're going to need to put something OVER this ridge otherwise water is simply going to pour inside your roof. The tiles you use to cover and 'join' the two areas are called a 'ridge cap'.

Now, tiles (as you may or may not know) inter-lock together. This makes them very strong, supportive and allows the roof to remain uniform and look neat and tidy. However, ridge caps rest OVER the tiles- so there they need something to help 'glue them down'. The first step in the process is bedding; a mixture of sand and cement that provides a stong base to set the ridge caps in prior to pointing.

The bedding, however, isn't where it ends. A flexible 'pointing' agent is then applied which can 'move' with the roof. This allows it to be more flexible, as the name implies, and not crack due to inclement weather, hail-stones, traversing the roof etc. Old pointing on a roof- especially if it pre-dates flexible pointing- can not only detract from the look of your home, it can be dangerous, as pieces of cement-like material can slide off the roof after becoming dislodged.

Rebedding and repointing is important maintenance you should consider periodically- how often really does depend on the quality of the work that was previously performed. However, the job will dramatically improve the overall look of the roof. The other fantastic thing about having a flexipoint system applied is that it comes in a variety of colours- so if you DO spring for a new roof, or restoration, it will match in beautifully with the colour of the tiles.

How can I find out if re-bedding \ re-pointing can help me? Simply call Sydney Gutter & Roof Restoration for an obligation-free quote, or use the handy 'Quick Quote' tool on the right-side of this page.

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